Cavendish Appoints Three New Hires As Part Of AI Advisory Team

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Sam Freedman


Today, Cavendish announces the appointment of three new hires as part of its artificial intelligence (AI) Advisory Services team.

The service is dedicated to helping businesses and in-house communications teams harness the power of AI to support their communication work while reacting to the emerging challenges it presents on maintaining reputation and authenticity.

Oli Folkerd has been appointed as the new Director of Development, with Tom Phippen and Rebecca Woods joining as specialists in digital web services and marketing.

In his new role at Cavendish, Oli Folkerd will focus on three core areas: leveraging AI with Cavendish’s Sectoral Data Insights platform, implementing emerging technology, and working with clients to ensure they can take advantage of the company’s AI services and training. 

Oli Folkerd, Director of Development at Cavendish, said:

“AI has huge potential to help businesses work smarter, improve their efficiency, and enhance their expertise. I’m delighted to join Cavendish at such a pivotal time – the company has ambitions to establish itself as a leader in AI communications support, and I’m excited to help drive this forward.”

Cavendish’s AI Advisory Services are designed to empower organisations to leverage AI technologies, enhancing their communication efforts and driving engagement. The team provides a range of services, including automating communications processes, deriving insights from big data to SEO and Online Presence Optimisation, and helping businesses establish a framework of ‘Ethical AI Use and Compliance’. Cavendish provides comprehensive support, training, and expertise in the integration of AI into various communication channels.

James Bird, Managing Director Innovation and Insight at Cavendish, said: 

“At Cavendish, we have an unwavering focus on data, intelligence, and leveraging the power of AI and digital technologies. Our investment in these roles and this area of our business demonstrates our commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions and ensuring our clients can take advantage of the value they offer. 2023 saw massive strides in the rollout of AI, but 2024 will see mass adoption. Our focus is to ensure we can help our clients take advantage of everything AI has to offer while maintaining authenticity”.

“We are excited to bolster the Cavendish team with our newest members, Oli, Thomas, and Rebecca. Each bring a wealth of experience and new ways of thinking to the table, and their expertise will undoubtedly elevate our capabilities and benefit our clients.”

Oli Folkerd – Director of Development
Rebecca Woods – Digital Account Director
Tom Phippen – Mid Weight Developer


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