Cavendish Talks Episode 27: Midlands Matters with Nicolle Ndiweni, Labour’s candidate for police and Crime Commissioner for Derbyshire

Written by

Jonny Hodges


Welcome back to the next episode in our Cavendish Talks, Midlands Matters series with our hosts Martha Jennings and Jonny Hodges.

Each of our podcast episodes shines a light on the opportunities within the built environment sector, joined by influential guests whose careers play a vital role in the Midlands.

We were joined by Invest in Nottingham, Business Expansion Specialist and Labour’s Candidate for Police and Crime Commissioner for Derbyshire, Nicolle Ndiweni.

Bringing a unique perspective to the table, through her decade of work, life, and campaign experience in the East Midlands. Nicolle is deeply committed to fostering community, driving investment, and championing the people of the region.

Watch the podcast below

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