CPC21: The Road to Net Zero: How Can Business Help to Make Net Zero Affordable and Achievable

Written by

David Button


Cavendish Advocacy and BECG held a number of events at the Conservative Party Conference 2021 in Manchester on Net Zero, animal trade and ‘Building Back Better’. The conferences provide a unique opportunity to influence and help form policy, as well as be the first to witness key announcements from Government and Opposition.

There is only one direction of travel in the climate change debate but hitting the UK’s ambitious targets in a way that is affordable to the average person is one of the biggest challenges. Innovation led by business will be at the heart of making sure measures to combat climate change are affordable to the public, but we are lagging behind our rivals on R&D spending.

This fringe event focused on overcoming the barriers to the private sector increasing their spend on innovation, and what the Government must do to foster the right environment for innovation to thrive.

Speakers included:


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