From Intern to Team Member – Chloe Munro

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Chloe Munro


The opportunity arose at a Solent University networking event where I met the Marketing and Creative team who I later contacted. 

Originally, we agreed upon a 2 month placement, 3 days a weeks. However, after really enjoying working with the team for the first month, and feeling as though I had formed good working relationships with everyone, I spoke to my manager who agreed to extended the placement to 5 days a week, and soon after this, the internship was extended to the entire 4 month summer period.  

During this time, I was given the opportunity to work on projects for Stonewater, United Utilities, and the Murray Parish Trust, frequently working alongside the video team to help coordinate the logistics for shoots e.g. sourcing actors, wardrobe attire, props and booking filming locations (FYI, it’s harder to hire a bus then you’d think), as well as being a point of contact for clients, learning how to best form client relationships.   

A highlight of mine, was joining the filming crew to video the Stonewater 2022 colleague day film, which went onto win an award.

Throughout the process, I was entrusted with more responsibility then I expected which was a show of faith that I deeply appreciated. I remember deciding at this point, that I could see myself working here to start my career.

The experience gave me exposure to some amazing projects, but also to a company that is genuinely invested in the health and wellbeing of its employees.

From day one, the team went above and beyond to make me feel welcome.

After graduating, Cavendish offered me a full-time role as an Account Executive and it just so happened, one of the first projects that I was a part of was Stonewater’s 2023 colleague day film – this time, the hardest thing to source was only a Christmas Tree… in August…on the hottest day on the year.

Fast forward to June 2024, and I am now working as a Digital Marketer in the Group Marketing team, playing a pivotal role in the upkeep and maintenance of the website as well as helping to arrange, and set up internal marketing campaigns, along with providing continuous analysis on the performance of said campaigns and our website.


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