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New 50 Shades of Planning Podcast – Episode 27: Places & spaces

Kevin Whitmore BECG

Written by

Kevin Whitmore


A place, in the urban context at least, is its buildings, the spaces around them and the hustle and bustle of people making their way betwixt and between them.

The only place that many people have known for a while though is home. On the one hand we have got to know our local environs more, but, on the other, and as we creep tentatively back into towns and cities, how will we find urban places now? The buildings are less densely populated and might soon need to be used for different things. The spaces have more demands upon them from restaurateurs, cyclists, pedestrians and urban dwellers coming out for air. There is less hustle and less bustle.

How permanent might these changes be and how might the certainty and confidence with which new places have been created be affected as a result. How will the pandemic change the nature of place?

Sam Stafford discusses these themes in this episode with:

  • Ruairidh Jackson, Founding Director, Start Advisory
  • Sue Manley, Director, Placemarque
  • Katie Wray, Assistant Director, Deloitte

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