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New 50 Shades of Planning Podcast – The #Planaraks Awards 2022

Kevin Whitmore BECG

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Kevin Whitmore


Even by the standards of the fast-paced, ever-changing, rock and roll world of town and country planning 2022 has been quite a year. Who better to review it, Sam Stafford thought, than Zack Simons, one of the most erudite, informed and entertaining thought leaders in the planning profession. In the latest 50 Shades of Planning podcast, Sam and Zack consider some of the year’s important planning stories and, excitingly, Zack hands out his 2022 #Planarak Awards.

A point of clarification. In discussing the controversial foreword to the Pre-Submission Spelthorne Local Plan, Sam suggested that it had not been removed from the Submission version, however it has been.

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