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At BECG, we don’t just talk about social value, we’re actively engaged in delivering it across the UK. In our work with our clients and suppliers, through our charitable partnerships, and in making BECG a special place to work, we firmly believe in putting social value at the heart of all that we do.

As a company, we work with organisations across the built environment which deliver billions of pounds worth of social value every year. Whether that be through the creation of local jobs, training schemes, community assets or improvements to local facilities resulting from development. Our sector helps to deliver positive, meaningful, and lasting change for communities across the country.

We don’t only deliver social value though advising and supporting our clients; we also work with a number of charities across the UK, not just to ‘give back’, but to add value. Our teams are engaged in using our expertise, experience, connections, and skills to add real value to important causes – causes that are both relevant to the sectors we work in and the communities in which our clients invest.

BECG Birmingham – helping tackle youth homelessness

As part of our expanding programme of social value activities, our Birmingham team is supporting St Basils, a youth homelessness charity founded in the city 50 years ago.

We all know that homelessness isn’t something new. It’s existed for generations. That’s why St Basils’ work is more important than ever. The charity aims to stop the generational cycle of homelessness by tackling the root causes of this epidemic.

This new partnership with our Birmingham BECG team – as well as our in-house digital and creative studio and across other parts of our business – is about using the skills and talents we have to make a tangible difference for young people across the Midlands.

To celebrate its milestone 50th anniversary, St Basils aims to raise £1million to fund ‘live and work’ units in Birmingham for young people who are at risk of homelessness. These units will remove the need for young people to try and navigate the benefits system. The project will provide young people with an apprenticeship and heavily discounted rented accommodation, enabling them to live, earn, learn, and thrive. A similar scheme, launched nearly 10 years ago in Sandwell, has won national awards, and holds the proud record of no one ever falling back into homelessness who has been part of the programme.

We’re excited to be able to use our skills, contacts, and knowledge at BECG to deliver a creative campaign that will help St Basils reach its £1million goal.

Our colleagues across the group are actively involved in many similar, great community projects. We’re supported in doing so from the heart of the business, with a workplace policy that offers every one of us at least one paid day off each year to volunteer for a cause close to our hearts. How we use our day is up to us – but whether we do something individually within our community, or as part of a team with our colleagues, we know we are making a difference, not only to the organisation we’re supporting, but also to empowering and enriching ourselves.


Find out more about our social value initiatives here



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