BECG Group launches industry-leading employee benefits package 

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Kate Mahoney


BECG Group has launched Your August – an enhanced employee benefits package enabling our BECG staff to log on from wherever they can work effectively over the summer holiday. 

During August, our company has relaxed the requirement for employees to spend at least two days each week working from the office, allowing them to be based anywhere. Providing they can work effectively, staff can choose to be entirely home-based, could work from a friend or family member’s house, or extend holidays abroad with additional working days. To supplement this flexibility and enable staff to extend their summer weekends, staff can compress their working hours and take Friday afternoons off.  

Amy McNeill, Head of Group HR at BECG Group, said:

We know from our industry benchmarking exercise that we already offer more time out of the business than our closest competitors; we know from our people that alongside flexibility, this is what they value the most, and so now we’ve gone one step further by creating Your August.

Our teams work incredibly hard, and we want to celebrate and reward that collective effort by giving something back that makes a material difference to their lives. We have the infrastructure in place to enable us to work from anywhere, and Your August reflects the trust we place in our staff to deliver what’s needed for clients, but in a way that works for them and their families.

We have staff travelling around Europe, people staying with family for a meaningful period of time, some are visiting family overseas they haven’t seen since before the pandemic and parents working in a way that makes childcare over the summer holidays manageable, all whilst continuing to deliver excellence for our clients. 

Your August compliments BECG Group’s Work That Works model, an approach based on reciprocal trust and flexibility that encourages and supports agile working patterns. From a hybrid of office and home-based work, avoiding commutes at the busiest times of day, to working around school drop-off and pick-up, Work that Works puts BECG Group’s staff first and empowers them to make work work for them and their clients.  

Combined with Work that Works, additional gifted days off over Christmas and birthdays, and time to give to charities that mean something to them personally, Your August results in BECG Group staff enjoying significantly more paid time off than their industry peers. Alongside other benefits including private healthcare, an electric vehicle leasing scheme and not forgetting weekly deliveries of fresh fruit to each office, BECG Group places its people living well at the heart of its now industry leading benefits package.   

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