Flood Re: Annual Report and Accounts 2023

Transforming Flood Re’s Annual Accounts, initially laid in Parliament, into a meticulously designed digital version to provide stakeholders with an easily digestible format for online viewing


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Meticulous design with an easily digestible format for seamless online viewing.

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Each year, Flood Re prepares a comprehensive set of Annual Accounts, which are traditionally printed, sent to Parliament, and submitted to Companies House. In an effort to enhance readership and engagement, Cavendish were tasked to create a meticulously designed version for both print and digital viewing, incorporating brand guidelines to infuse vitality into the formal document.

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How we assisted

Using our creative expertise, knowledge of the Flood Re branding and our experience from working on large-scale documents, we created a double-page concept telling the story of their Property Flood Resilience (PFR) campaign. This concept highlighted the reach and views of the campaign, showcasing how the story was brought to life.

The 112pp report was designed to ensure vital information was presented in a well structured design, highlighting the success of the Flood Re scheme over the last financial year.

In addition to the report, we created a PPT to showcase key figures in a way that was easy to digest, but also presentable for upcoming meetings.

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