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The FFC team were delighted with the outcome of the video and will go on to use it as a promotional piece to help drive funding.

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Learning through Landscapes came to Cavendish with a brief to create an emotive video highlighting the good work their programme, Fruit-Full Communities (FFC), delivered over a 3-year span.

FFC was a 3-year, National Lottery-funded grant-based project that improved outdoor spaces for the health and wellbeing benefit of young people linked to 42 supported housing settings. Through learning to plant fruit trees and plants while connecting with nature, young people gained vital skills and experience to increase their future chances of working in the Green Economy.



Learning through Landscapes wanted to get the story of the participants across without it being too emotional. The project was a success and they wanted that positivity to shine through.

Given the nature of working with young people often from troubled backgrounds, a degree of flexibility was required throughout the shoot.

The video team worked closely with FFC to create an emotive video whilst keeping a positive, upbeat tone of voice. The video shoot itself required a flexible approach, given the uncertainty of participant availability, and as the project was about outside orchards, the weather.

Ultimately, the video was a success, with the rainy English weather only adding to the feel of the story. The FFC team were delighted and will go on to use the video as a case study and promotional piece to help drive future funding.

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