Solar and BESS projects with RWE

On each project we’ve provided local perspectives and insight, to deliver comprehensive pre-application engagement with communities and politicians


RWE (previously JBM Solar)

We delivered a consultation website template to more quickly, and cost effectively, roll out consultation websites for each RWE scheme.

The Cavendish team has been working on a proposal for a 20MW solar farm with battery storage In Rushcliffe Borough Council brought forward by RWE Solar & Storage. From organising an exhibition event open to the local community, to engaging with political stakeholders and running an ad campaign to help spread word about the project, the team have delivered across the board.

The programme for this project was shorter than usual and Cavendish ensured that everything was ready on time for the event as well as for the planning submission. Thanks Cavendish.

– Bente Klein, Development Project Manager, RWE Solar & Storage UK



Cavendish has supported RWE (previously JBM Solar) with numerous TCPA and DCO applications since July 2021. This has included developing a RWE-specific consultation platform and supporter portal rolled out across all projects.

These projects have been delivered by regional teams out of our Manchester, London and Birmingham offices. This has included supporting planning consents on Stoneshollow and Laynes Wood, with Raspberry, Heron and Peartree Hill still to be determined.

How we assistedArrow

How we assisted

On each project we’ve been able to provide local perspectives and insight, to deliver comprehensive pre-application engagement with communities and politicians, relaying feedback to RWE to help shape plans prior to submission.

Following submission we use tailored content and targeted social media campaigns to secure substantial levels of support on the planning file. By tapping into green-minded locals, that otherwise would not normally engage with the planning process, we have been able to encourage supportive submissions from over 200 local people on individual RWE applications.

Cavendish has been supporting RWE to deliver a DCO solar scheme, Peartree Hill, in East Riding of Yorkshire. To date we have undertaken non-statutory consultation, with an online consultation website, three in person events and two webinars. This has been reinforced by meetings with PINS, MPs, East Riding Officers, local ward councillors and a vast number of parish councils, ensuring that community representatives have had an opportunity to shape the evolving plans.

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