Watch: Low Traffic Neighbourhoods


14:00 – 15:00



26 April 2021


26 April 2021

Whether you love them or hate them, Low Traffic Neighbourhoods are set to remain at the top of the agenda in England’s urban areas. Over 140 Low Traffic Neighbourhoods are already in place across the country, with a further 70 are planned in response to the Government’s £250m Emergency Active Travel Fund.

But what have we learned from the areas that have implemented Low Traffic Neighbourhoods, and how can developers draw on this to create new communities with walking and cycling at their heart?

Our expert panel discussed these issues before taking questions from the audience to discuss the key facts, evidence and learnings about Low Traffic Neighbourhoods.

BECG was joined by:

  • Mary Creagh, Chief Executive of Living Streets
  • Councillor Claire Holland, Deputy Leader of Lambeth Council
  • Councillor Clyde Loakes, Deputy Leader of Waltham Forest Council
  • Dr Anthony Laverty, Lecturer at Imperial College London

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