Government relations

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Business is political. Whether at Westminster, Holyrood, the Senedd, or outside the corridors of power, what politicians say and do shapes public opinion and the landscape in which you operate.

Say something; change something.

Bringing together seasoned data analysts, savvy political operators, public affairs experts, and a crack team of award-winning creatives, our work helps you establish your brand’s authority, build trust, and make your voice heard by those who matter.  

Why stand by and wait, when you can influence the conversations that will impact your future?  

  • Influencing policy
  • Corporate reputation
  • Government marketing
  • Integrated campaigns

Influencing policy

From crafting electoral manifestos to helping shape national and devolved laws, influencing public spending decisions, and instigating party policy reviews, we’ve been there and done it countless times (and have the track record to prove it).

We know the legislative process inside out. We use social intelligence to listen to and inform the debate. So, we can help you work out when best to engage, and how to do it so your message hits home with those who have the power to effect change.

Corporate reputation

Words matter. Issues (and your reputation) are won or lost not just at ​​Westminster and in the devolved parliaments, but also on social media and at the local pub.

Combining in-depth knowledge of industry trends and public sentiment, through advanced listening techniques, with cutting-edge marketing techniques, we’ll help you hone your message so it resonates and makes people ​remember you for the right reasons. And we’ll make sure it lands with the right people at the right time.

Government marketing

If you want to win public contracts, trust is paramount.  

We’re experts at helping brands raise their profiles with government stakeholders, and positioning them as the sensible, trustworthy choice. And through a multi channel approach we can help you gain the right politicians and civil servants’ attention and make your knowledge and expertise shine, too.   

Integrated campaigns

Helping brands change people’s hearts, minds, and behaviour is our bread and butter.  

Marrying data-backed insights and technical excellence with clever, out-of-the-box thinking, we develop multi-channel campaigns that educate and inspire your audience and cement your reputation as a thought-leader… and then bring them to life.  

Our people; your team.

With more than 150 consultants across our London HQ and 7 regional offices, we bring a rare mix of rich experience and bold new thinking. Brilliant minds, producing brilliant work – our people are your difference.

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make a difference.