Planning communications

Planning can
be a pleasure

Planning is complex, but not when you have a guide.  

Our expertise doesn’t stop at the technical (though we know the legislation inside out). Just as important, we understand the politics — the emotions, feelings, and perceptions of the people a proposed development affects. And the political insight to give you the best advice.

Engineered for impact.

We know how — and when — to engage with developers, investors, political influencers, and local communities, creating a clear roadmap that highlights the benefits your project will bring and keeping risks in check.

With over 600 digital consultations under our belt we understand how to reach your audience online to identify and mobilise support for your project.

  • National infrastructure planning
  • Strategic land promotion
  • Site acquisition and due diligence
  • Supporter mobilisation and campaigning
  • Political and stakeholder advocacy
  • Community engagement
  • Construction communications
  • Social value

National infrastructure planning

Transport & Works Act orders. Development Consent Orders. Local planning consents. Hybrid bills… the road to delivering a large infrastructure project is twisty and fraught with risk.

Bringing together meticulous research, extensive planning experience, and clever thinking, we help you de-risk the process and position you as the obvious choice. Building an outline business case that’s compliant and sticks in decision-makers’ minds.

Strategic land promotion

Supporting strategic land promotions across the UK’s four nations is a core part of what we do.  

Our thorough understanding of the process, and involvement with local and neighbourhood plans, means we’re ideally placed to help you cut through the complexity and avoid unnecessary delays.  

Site acquisition and due diligence

From political analysis to advice on submitting a bid and community engagement strategy, we help you create a compelling proposition.

We know how politicians think, how the local community might perceive your project, and what makes a tender submission stand out. And we’ll work with you to make sure you go in with your eyes wide open, equipped with the insights and tools you need to make the most of the opportunity and keep risks in check.

Supporter mobilisation and campaigning

Build positive momentum for your project from the get-go.

We’ve delivered some of the UK development and planning sector’s most effective campaigns. We know exactly where to reach your audience, and how to frame your message so it educates, informs, and persuades them that change will be for the better.

Political and stakeholder advocacy

Development projects run more smoothly (and are much more successful) when everyone pulls the same rope.

Our insight-fuelled advocacy work builds trust and understanding between you, the government, local authorities, investors, developers, the local community, and key stakeholders. Making sure everyone feels they’re invested in the project and working towards a common goal.

Community engagement

Development means change. And change brings up complex emotions that can make the process more challenging than it has to be.

We understand. But, more importantly, we listen and we engage. Designing integrated community engagement programmes that make the most of the latest technologies to engage at the right time. Addressing people’s concerns, and channelling their feedback in a way that enhances the project. Creating spaces that truly serve their communities’ needs.

Construction communications

Because building works are inherently disruptive, good communication is key to keeping the community on side.  

Whether it’s road closures, demolition, or other inconveniences, we make sure people are informed well in advance and engaged throughout the process, keeping your relationship with them (and your project) on track.  

Social value

Development projects should bring lasting benefits to the community. Let’s work out what yours are.

Our comprehensive range of services help you unlock more opportunities to improve people’s lives, cementing your project’s positive legacy with the government, local authorities, and communities.

Our people; your team.

With more than 100 consultants across our London HQ and 7 regional offices, we bring a rare mix of rich experience and bold new thinking. Brilliant minds, producing brilliant work – our people are your difference.

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