Build-to-Rent: Do politicians care?

The perception of BTR from Westminster

There’s a General Election looming.

Housing will be a central policy point for all main political parties in their manifestos. Which party will help people secure a high-quality, long-term home in the community they want to live in? The party that best defines its visions to the lack of housing supply could land on a winning policy position for voters – providing a mandate for genuine reform to the sector.

For Build-to-Rent (BTR), the current policy climate is lacking nuance. There’s a ‘one size fits all’ approach being directed at the rental sector in Westminster. This presents a key challenge to organisations and landlords in the Private Rented Sector, but particularly those in the BTR sector which delivers a different and enhanced offer to the market.

In partnership with YouGov, Cavendish surveyed MPs across all parties regarding their housing focuses for their constituencies.

BTR homes are a growing component of Britain’s housing mix. Compared to some of the rental market, which can be poor quality and sometimes badly managed, BTR provides good quality, safe, and sustainable rented homes to suit a wide range of income levels.

In partnership with YouGov, we wanted to further explore MPs’ perceptions and attitudes to BTR Homes by identifying:

What type of housing projects are UK MPs prioritising for their local constituencies?

How affordable do MPs actually think BTR homes are?

Is there an uncertainty amongst Government about the benefits of BTR?

You can download the full report below.

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