Labour Candidate Report

The next parliament is going to be very different.

The current government is struggling. Their ability and desire to do much is limited.

Attention is understandably shifting to Labour, and the key policies and office holders that might emerge. But when it comes to investing in relationships we need to consider how many of the current Shadow Government will be in those positions if Labour wins the General Election.

At Cavendish, we believe that waiting for the next Parliament to engage with this new cohort is too late.

New MPs are busy getting to grips with the job, hiring staff and finding an actual office and often meeting outside stakeholders is bottom of their list of priorities in the first few months.

Instead, we advise engaging with them now. Before the campaigning really ramps up and before they grapple with actually being an MP.

So to help you navigate the road ahead, download our report for the 15 candidates you’ll want to watch.

Download the report

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PR Week Corporate, City and Public Affairs Awards 2023 – Won, Best Agency for Public Affairs

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