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Levelling Up: What does it mean for planning and development?

As the Government takes on the difficult challenge of backing narrative with policy through the Levelling Up and Regeneration Bill, Cavendish Advocacy’s and BECG’s latest report looks at what successful Levelling Up looks like to MPs, set against what the public hold as important for their local area and the implications the agenda will have for development and planning.

What politicians think about Net Zero and the Green Economy

In November, the UK hosted the landmark COP26 climate summit and the subsequent conflict in Ukraine, and the ensuing costing of living crisis, has further elevated issues around energy security up the domestic and international political agenda.

Against this unprecedent backdrop, BECG commissioned Savanta ComRes to survey MPs and councillors from across the UK to understand what they think about Net Zero and the Green Economy.

Is building safety still a priority?

Since the BSU’s last report in September 2021, the political agenda has shifted significantly – with the creation of the Department of Levelling Up, Housing and Communities, Secretary of State, Michael Gove’s U-turn on his predecessor’s position regarding funding of remediation costs, and the passing of the Building Safety Act 2022. But has this shift impacted the perception of the Government, and sector’s, performance?

Neurodiversity in Planning

BECG has worked with Neurodiversity in Planning and a working group of industry professionals to launch this toolkit, which provides seven principles to guide those engaging with the public and stakeholders as part of planning and infrastructure development as to how they can make their consultation accessible for a neurodiverse audience.

Challenges and barriers to adoption and implementation of offsite and MMC

BECG commissioned Buildoffsite to provide insight into the challenges in adoption of Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) and how these can be overcome.

This report sets out the findings of the survey and provides insight and knowledge on the offsite sector including key trends, the industry landscape, supply chain visibility, geo-political risks, policy and procurement, and opportunities for the offsite sector.

Building Health: a report on Health and the Built Environment

Developed in collaboration with the St Andrew’s Public Policy Research Group, BECG’s research report Building Health: a Report on Health and the Built Environment, presents a research-based explanation for individual experiences: emphasising the importance of parks and green spaces, active commuting, and good air quality. Amongst the findings of the report are some surprising conclusions, and the potential scale of healthy placemaking.

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