New London Architecture (NLA)

NLA brings people and ideas together to shape a better London

BECG is a proud partner of New London Architecture (NLA), an independent centre for London’s built environment. BECG works with the NLA on events where professionals, politicians and the public can meet, learn and have a voice on the future shape of London.

The NLA hosts a busy year-round programme of events, research and exhibitions examining all issues affecting London’s built environment and attracts all those with a stake in the future of the city – politicians, professionals and the public. It is vital to assemble the broadest group of people from all disciplines and communities together to share knowledge and debate the city’s unprecedented growth.

The NLA has established itself over the last decade as a broker between all those involved in planning and designing the future of London and an influential promoter of positive physical change.

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New London Architecture Expert Panel

Our Associate Director Sarah Wardle is part of the New London Architecture Expert Panel for Planning 2020. The Panel will focus on best practice; new approaches to community consultation; accessibility and transparency of data; roles of local and regional plans, and how the planning system can better support London’s economic recovery. Find out more about the NLA Expert Panels here.

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