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BECG launches BECGconversation podcast series to prepare the sector for the post Covid-19 recovery

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Andrew Howard


In these unprecedented times, when our usual opportunities to network and exchange ideas are limited, it is important to keep the conversations going that debate the key issues and share the knowledge that drive success. To respond to this challenge BECG has launched the BECGconversation podcast series to bring together experts from across the built environment sectors to discuss the issues of the day and share core lessons learned as we focus on the recovery to come.

The inaugural BECGconversation podcast launches today, in partnership with the British Property Federation, and discusses the ‘The impact of Covid-19 on the UK Property sector, and how we promote a rapid recovery’. Our expert speakers are Melanie Leech CBE, Chief Executive of the British Property Federation; Amelia Bright, Director of Development & Placemaking, Grosvenor; and Emily Williams, Associate Director, Residential Research, Savills. Chaired by BECG MD Andrew Howard the podcast reflects on where the property and development sector finds itself today, the highlights and lowlights of our collective response, the effectiveness of Government support to date, and what the future might hold.

This will be followed by a series of BECGconversation podcast episodes covering a diverse range of topics across property, infrastructure, energy & utilities, transport, waste and recycling, environment, and healthcare. As a key part of the economy, and therefore the UK’s post Covid recovery, the built environment needs to prepare itself to exit the crisis in good shape, and ready to resume its contribution to the economy and society. Future BECGconversation topics will reflect this central aim, and will feature experts covering; planning system response, sustainable growth, clean energy, crisis recovery, affordable housing outlook and more.

Stephen Pomeroy, Chief Executive of BECG, commenting on the launch of BECGconversation said:

At BECG we pride ourselves on creating forums, research and thought leadership that spark great conversation and increase understanding of the value of the built environment to society, communities and individuals. While we are in this unusual period of lockdown it was a natural step to add to our thought-leadership output with BECGconversation as the place to discuss the topics that really matter. I hope you find them useful, thought provoking and inspiring as you work your way through Covid-19, and plan for the recovery.

If you want to discuss this topic further then please email Andrew Howard.


BECGconversation is a podcast series covering a diverse range of topics across property, infrastructure, energy & utilities, transport, waste and recycling, environment, and healthcare and are available to download at any time.

If you would like to take part in the podcast or want help managing or launching your own podcast, then please get in touch with Rhiannon Thompson.


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