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BECGconversation episode 6: Garden Communities: Beyond Placemaking

Written by

Andrew Howard


With 300,000 new homes a year needed to meet Government targets, local authorities across the country have relied on Garden Communities to help meet their housing needs. Many of these schemes are large-scale and complex, and with a number of high-profile issues plaguing the progress of Garden Communities, their future is anything but certain.

We hosted a panel discussion on the importance of Garden Communities in fulfilling Local Plan housing need, the challenges faced, and what can be done to speed up and ease their delivery.

Our expert panel discussed key issues ranging from the role of Garden Communities in meeting the 300,000 homes annual target, public opposition the schemes, local authority ability to deliver projects, and what more Government can do to help deliver them.

Panelists included:

  • Mary Parsons – Chair of the Town and Country Planning Association
  • Sandra Fryer – Former Board Member, and Chair of the Planning Committee, Ebbsfleet Garden City
  • John Beresford – Managing Director, Buckland Development

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