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Consent or dissent: a detailed look at London’s Planning Committees

Written by

Sarah Wardle


With post-pandemic recovery a universal priority in London, the development industry is in a unique position to be part of the cure delivering both investment and employment, but which boroughs take their medicine gladly and which consider it too much of a bitter pill to swallow?

In our latest report Consent or dissent: a detailed look at London’s Planning Committees, we look at the decision making of all of London’s planning committees from 2019 to 2021.

Planning committees can refuse a planning application in less time than it takes to conduct just one project team meeting. They are the gatekeepers of housing delivery and consistent decision making and political leadership is needed to ensure London secures the homes it needs.

Unlike broader statistics on housing delivery, solely looking at the performance of planning committees gives a much more informed indication of which boroughs are welcoming investment and where there may be a sign of underlying issues. With this being the third BECG London planning committee analysis report, we are able to start to see trends appearing across London.

From the data, it is clear that the burden of delivery is falling disproportionately on a few top performers, with the six most consistent top performers between 2019 and 2021 accounting for over 51% of all of London’s housing delivery. This has the potential to cause friction between boroughs and undermine the confidence in a plan-led system.


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