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Government policy has a major influence on the infrastructure sector. But does the construction and infrastructure influence government effectively and is it getting its message across on the issues that matter? Crucially, is the government and opinion formers listening to what the industry has to say?

By providing insights into the political process – how policy develops, who matters, when they matter, the windows for influence and the messages that will resonate – this webinar will explore how the industry can be more effective at influencing government at all levels. By watching this webinar featuring our Board Director, Alex Challoner, you will gain insights into how construction industry organisations can ensure their story matters to political audiences and that the policy environment supports their aims, enabling them to seize business opportunities and eliminating threats.

It has never been more important for infrastructure to communicate clearly and persuasively the benefits it brings to society and booking a place at this webinar will give you the insights that are needed to influence opinion formers at national, local and regional level.

Infrastructure Intelligence have partnered with the BECG Group for a series of free virtual roundtables, webinars, and interviews which will bring the infrastructure community together to share and learn from their experiences and to focus on what a successful future should look like for the sector

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