Is interactive video the future?

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Jon Cambourne


Interactive video has the potential to influence  
the way we engage with video content.  

The world of video content is undergoing a transformation. One that will redefine how audiences interact with and consume videos.  

Interactive video empowers audiences to shape their viewing experiences allowing them to influence the narrative, access additional information, and even participate in decision-making. 

78% of people have noted that interactive videos deliver better business results than standard videos. 

And with findings like that, it’s time to explore how interactive video can work for your business. Check out a few exciting options below: 

  • Branches – Create your own adventure by following paths that have a variety of scenarios to dive into. The outcomes can be limitless. It allows you to put the viewer directly in a scene. A great example you can experience yourself is the Bandersnatch episode of Black Mirror on Netflix. 
  • Hotspots – Allow your audience to go further by adding clickable areas within the video that provide further insight through the addition of pop up content. 
  • Data capture – Place interactive forms directly in the video and capture the user’s data and feedback in real time.  
  • Quizzes – Use a quiz to make it more engaging for your audience. It creates a more personalised experience and you can gather insight along the way. 
  • 360 views – Engage the viewer in all directions and angles. This is brilliant for showing new locations, setting a scene or adding the feeling of free reign to the content. 

Interactive video in action 

In The Resuscitation Council UK life saver campaign, their website features four video scenarios around cardiac arrests. The viewer is put directly into the scenario of a lifesaver learning the essential skills of CPR.  
You are instructed to press two keys on your computer keyboard twice a second for 60 pushes, in time with the on-screen character performing chest compressions. This actively involves the audience.  

When I interacted with it, I felt that I had retained that vital lifesaving information better than by passively watching a traditional video.  

Revolutionising planning 

For public consultations, it’s vital for developers to accurately convey information about proposed developments when presenting their vision.  

And interactive video could be the answer. 

Featuring clickable links within the video enables the viewer to click on sections in the video they’d like to know more about. Providing an interactive way to showcase insight. 

Or to take it further, the audience could experience a digital 360-degree view of a venue being able to look and ‘walk’ around. This could be especially useful for product shows and conferences that have a lot going on and require travel. 

You won’t need to wait for public feedback to come in by immediately capturing feedback and data through the inclusion of data points throughout the video. Eliminating the need for those lengthy feedback forms. 

But beyond the planning process, have you thought about taking your company’s training videos to the next level? You should, with 87% of people preferring an interactive educational video to a standard one. Training can become more engaging and memorable with gamification. 

From script to edit, we have the experience and the people to tell your stories in the most powerful and engaging ways.  

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