More than 90% of people in the UK believe the UK is already in an energy crisis

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Tom Bradley



More than nine out of ten people across the UK are ‘concerned’ about the current energy crisis, according to research commissioned by Cavendish Advocacy.

Polling of over 1,000 UK adults, carried out by Focaldata, showed that 92% of people are worried about rising gas and electricity bills, ahead of today’s decision on the level of the price cap by Ofgem.

Two-thirds (66%) of adults would go as far as to say they are ‘very concerned’ about the costs of heating and keeping the lights on in homes.

However, despite the ongoing concerns over the rising cost of living almost a fifth (20%) would be prepared to pay more for their gas and electricity bills, if the money was used to invest in better infrastructure to prevent potential blackouts or gas supply issues.

The polling revealed that 47% of adults who believe the UK is currently facing an energy crisis blame ministers for ‘failing to prepare and prevent’ the jump in electricity and gas bills, while just under a third (30%) point the finger at energy companies.

“Our research confirms the level of concern amongst people across the UK at the rising cost of energy, and the situation is expected to get worse when Ofgem announces its latest price cap.

The cost-of-living is the core issue dominating our politics right now and that is being driven by soaring energy prices. Our polling shows that the public expects both politicians and the energy industry to take responsibility and bring more stability and affordability to the market.

The public will be looking on with much interest as to what politicians and the industry do next to try and mitigate the energy crisis.”

A representative sample of 1,021 adults were surveyed from across the UK. The data was collected by Focaldata on 17-18 August 2022.

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