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New 50 Shades of Planning Podcast – Episode 22: Rules Of Engagement.

Kevin Whitmore BECG

Written by

Kevin Whitmore


The grinding gears of the planning system need to be kept moving. On that most people can agree. Applying a little bit of lubricant within the bits of the system that largely pass the public by, extending consents and flexibility on things like CIL payments, for example, are relatively simple and relatively uncontroversial.

What about though those bits of the system that are exposed to the outside world? The bits that rub up against public expectations. How, for as long as social distancing lasts, and indeed beyond, can the public continue to be engaged with the planning system in a way that allows applications and local plans to not only progress, but to progress in ways that are sensible, fair, and perhaps most importantly, lawful.

Sam Stafford discusses these issues with:

  • Greg Dickson, Director at Barton Willmore
  • Sarah James, Policy & Membership Development Manager at Civic Voice
  • Kevin Whitmore, Head of North & Midlands at BECG

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