New 50 Shades of Planning Podcast – The Power of Plans – New York

Kevin Whitmore BECG

Written by

Kevin Whitmore


This episode is part of an international triumvirate, which has been put together with the help of an old friend of the podcast, Ian Wray, a Professor at the Heseltine Institute for Public Policy, Practice and Place at University of Liverpool.

Joining Ian is a new friend of the podcast, Lucy Natarajan, one of the editors of the Built Environment journal, a co-founder of Place Alliance, an Associate Lecturer at Oxford Brookes and an Associate Professor at UCL’s Bartlett School of Planning.

In this episode, host Sam Stafford, and Lucy, talk to Bob Yaro about New York, a city that has experienced rapid growth, rapid decline and an impressive economic turnaround. New York has long been planned on a city region scale, but the origin of it’s series of great plans lies in a small number of planning pioneers and philanthropists.

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