Flood Re - Transition Plan 2023

Flood Re: Transition Plan 2023

As the creative agency for Flood Re, our assignment involved crafting their third Transition Plan, which comprised a comprehensive 75-page report, a captivating landing page, and compelling launch materials


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The essence of a truly engaging report lies in its design. Thoughtfully crafted visuals, intuitive layouts, and strategic use of colours and typography transform content into a captivating journey of information.

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In 2039, the Flood Re Scheme will conclude, leading to the establishment of a free market for flood risk insurance. To facilitate this transition effectively, Flood Re conducts a review every five years, presenting a detailed Transition Plan. This plan outlines the necessary steps for Flood Re and other stakeholders to take, making the transition towards an affordable and risk-reflective market for household insurance a more achievable goal.

Our commission involved developing the Transition Plan report, a comprehensive 75-page document that encompassed template designs, as well as visually appealing tables, diagrams, graphs, and infographics. The aim was to keep the reader thoroughly engaged throughout the report, ensuring the vital information is conveyed effectively and convincingly.

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How we assisted

The original report template was overly content-heavy, lacking in engagement. However, leveraging our deep understanding of the brand guidelines, we infused our creativity to transform the document into a more digestible and captivating piece. Recognising that different sections of the report would resonate with distinct audiences, we took the initiative to craft a user-friendly landing page. This design made the content easily navigable, allowing readers to access their preferred sections of interest effortlessly.

To bolster the launch of the Transition Plan, we also produced an 8-page summary. This condensed version provided an insightful overview of the main report, enriched with visually appealing infographics that made the information more accessible and visually stimulating.

Moreover, we amplified the event experience through eye-catching pull-up banners, extending a warm welcome to attendees. Additionally, an on-screen video was created, offering a glimpse into what guests could expect from the report, further building anticipation and excitement. Our comprehensive approach ensured that the Transition Plan not only delivered valuable information but also left a lasting impression on the audience, making it a successful and engaging launch.

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