United Utilities: Social Mobility

A promotional video highlighting United Utilities’ contributions in providing opportunities in the North West, featuring a diverse selection of staff sharing their experiences in various roles across the region


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Crafting a powerful video shedding light on the challenges faced in achieving a fair and inclusive society.

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Tackling weak social mobility is a challenge that has defied our country for many years. Report after report sets out the difficulties Britain faces in becoming a place where there is equality of opportunity for everyone for the first time, irrespective of where they grow up and their background.

Businesses like United Utilities are playing a crucial role in levelling the playing field and extending more opportunity to more people in the North West region of Britain it serves.

Cavendish were commissioned to produce a video that would promote United Utilities role in providing opportunities to people in the North West.

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How we assisted

Cavendish took an approach that would show a diverse selection of United Utilities staff, in a variety of different roles across the region. Hearing directly from the colleagues about their experience so far.

We added creative transitions between each person, allowing us to skip through locations easily without jarring the composition of the video.

The video was a success internally and externally, and helped United Utilities to attract more diverse applicants for their job roles going forward.

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