What does Levelling Up mean for decision-making on new development and infrastructure?


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08 March 2022


08 March 2022

On 2nd February 2022, DLUHC released the Government’s flagship Levelling Up White Paper.

In the Government’s own words, this sets out “a complete ‘system change’ of how government works that will be implemented to level up the UK” and is “the largest devolution of power from Whitehall to local leaders across England in modern times”.

This system change is complemented by 12 missions that bring with them substantial investment to alter the UK’s status as one of the most regionally unequal countries in Europe.

In our webinar with Cavendish Advocacy, our expert panel discussed the potential implications of the white paper and invited questions from attendees.  

Our panel speakers included:

  • Andy Street, Mayor of West Midlands
  • Lord Bob Kerslake, Former Head of the Civil Service
  • Jan Bessell, Board Chair of the National Infrastructure Planning Association
  • Steve Norris (Chair), Advisor to BECG

The webinar was chaired by Steve Norris, a prominent Conservative and businessman who has held several ministerial roles, as well as having stood as the Conservative candidate for the Mayor of London in 2000 and 2004. Steve is also an advisor to BECG. 

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