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BECG Joins New “COVID-19 Housing & Employment Taskforce”

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BECG has helped launch a new COVID-19 Housing and Employment Taskforce, bringing key leaders from the housing and employment sectors together to work with government and policy makers, to ensure that the sectors – and the people and communities they serve – are best supported during the COVID-19 epidemic.

As the COVID-19 epidemic continues to take hold in the UK and across the globe, the impacts are being felt heavily across the labour market and housing sector. The new taskforce will provide a joined-up focus on employment-related solutions for social housing residents who have been impacted by COVID-19. By working with and consulting Government, the taskforce will also help to facilitate clear lines of communication between the sectors, government and policy makers.

BECG has been instrumental in helping to lead and inform the strategy of the taskforce which is comprised of key figures from the housing and employment sectors, and will be chaired by Lynsey Sweeney, Managing Director of Communities that Work.

Key members include Lord Kerslake, Communities that Work, the National Housing Federation (NHF), National Federation of ALMOs (NFA), Centre for Excellence in Community Investment (CECI) , Learning and Work Institute (LWI), Employment Related Services Association (ERSA), Institute of Employability Professionals (IEP), Institute for Employment Studies (IES) and Impetus.

Talking of the launch of the taskforce, Lynsey Sweeney said:

We know that so many social housing residents were already feeling the economic pressure before COVID-19 entered our lives. This new reality risks providing an even more challenging backdrop to some of the UK’s most vulnerable communities. This new taskforce brings together the housing and employment sectors, to work with government and policy makers, ensuring that the right support is provided to those in need during this national emergency.

Commenting on the importance of the taskforce, Lord Kerslake said:

It is vital that social housing tenants are not left behind in the UK’s fight against the virus, and that when the UK emerges from COVID-19, we all emerge together. This taskforce will play a critical role in ensuring that social housing landlords, ALMOs, government and policy makers have ‘one mind, one voice’ in the response to COVID-19.

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