Investing in people is as important as investing in places.

Understanding how to capture social value has never been more important, with national government, local authorities and the wider public sector placing an ever-growing importance on delivering a social value legacy, by mobilising communities to deliver positive and sustainable social change.

With projects across the built environment having a significant long and short-term impact on people’s lives, understanding, and investing in social impact is key to achieving reputational and commercial benefits, reducing risk, and developing relationships with key stakeholders.

Social Value

At BECG we are equipped to help you unlock opportunities to create social value that align with your specific aims and objectives through our range of services, which will cover all sections of the built environment.

As champions of the built environment BECG sees social value, not as a cost, but as an asset.

Our Services

Key strands to our work within the social value space include:

Make your voice
make a difference.